How to Choose Promotional Products

Why use promotional products?

Promotional products tend to be kept and used, leading to voluntary repeated exposure, recognition and retention of the advertiser’s name and/or message.

Promotional Products advertising has proven to be much more effective in its unobtrusive, targeted, personalized approach.

According to a recent survey, 76.1% of the people who received promotional products in the past 12 months recalled the advertiser’s name on the product? In addition, 52% of the respondents did business with the advertiser after receiving the product

Choose your marketing message.

Decide what it is that you want your customers to think of when they receive  your promotional products. How will it be used? Is it relevant to your target audience?

What is your Goal? Is it name awareness? Incentive awards? Trade-show giveaways? Brand building? Think about your goals and what you want to accomplish, and choose a promotional item that will help you meet that goal.

Choosing the Best Product for your Event/Campaign

Name Awareness:  Look for a promotional item with plenty of space to imprint your name in as large a type as possible.

Trade Show Giveaway: You want a promotional item that’s fun and flashy that will attract attendees—yet something that’s not bulky so they can carry it with them on the show floor.

Incentive Award: You want a sophisticated gift that the recipient will use and feel honored to receive.

Company Event: You can go larger and probably a little more expensive since you won’t need as many.

Reflect your brand.

Select an item that is similar to what you sell. Stay in your budget, but don’t be cheap. Looks are important. You don’t want your marketing dollars to end up in the junk drawer, or worse yet, the garbage. If YOU wouldn’t like receiving it, odds are your potential customer won’t either.


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