Someone Combined the Two Worst Fonts in Existence

WARNING!!! Not for the faint of heart!

Image: ​Ben Harmon/Creative Market

A rude designer has mixed together Comic Sans and Papyrus typefaces together, thus creating the Nelly and Tim McGraw of fonts.

The eye-tearing combination was concocted by Ben Harman, a once respectable graphic designer who’s gone rogue. Just kidding, his stuff is​ great, but this is certainly not.

The “world’s first genetically engineered superfont,” he as describes it, is called Comic Papyrus and will forever haunt your dreams. “Your two most favoritest fonts ever have FINALLY been smooshed together typographically, just as Darwin intended. Cross-bred. Cross-awesomified,” he a​dds.

The font combines the tear-inducing curves of Comic Sans used by kindergarten teachers everywhere with the sneeze-starting texture in Papyrus. There has been a few attempts at this ​before, but this one is actually downloadable (an​d useable) for $5.

But we’d rather spend five bucks donating it to a rehab program to get him back on the right track.

Thanks to for the warning!


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