#tbt Bōdhi Bar, Sophia Naturals, Stinson Beach

#tbt 1998.

With the increased variety of colored garments, Pangea Silkscreen began to explore new methods of screen printing, namely Spot Process. Traditional four color process on dark garments was difficult to achieve, since the inks are transparent.
Imagine using an ink jet printer with black paper.
Spot Process inks are opaque, not transparent, and will blend well on a white underbase.
Pangea has had many years to perfect this technique, come on in for more information!

Here is an example from the now defunct Bōdhi Bar campaign, by Sophia Naturals, Inc.
I think they were a little ahead of their time.



Sophia Naturals of Stinson Beach, CA, has launched The Bodhi Bar, a 2.25 oz. energy supplement offered in three herb-enhanced varieties made with a Chi formula of organic ingredients, including dates, figs, nuts, seeds, dried fruits and roasted soy nuts with “no added refined sugars, syrups or synthetic ingredients, and no wheat or dairy or added oil.


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