Pastels Are Back in a Big Way!

Trend Alert: Pastels

These lightweight poplins from Pangea are cool and comfortable. They come in several different soft hues including light blue, rose, lavender and mist green.


Seafoam green, rose, lavender, and powder blue: These soft hues are making bold statements in fashion this season. Mulberry, Kate Spade, and Giorgio Armani are just a few of the designers who are leaders in this pastel takeover. Naturally, retailers are following suit.
What’s so unique about this pastel trend? It isn’t just appearing in summer dresses and preppy polos. Fashionistas are turning heads by plastering pastel on everything from nail polish to leather jackets. As such, the promotional apparel industry is shadowing high fashion and pastel branded apparel is rising. Tarayann Lloyd, marketing director at Edwards Garment, attributes the popularity of these soft hues to their aesthetic appeal. “Pastels provide an accent color that draws attention to your face,” she says. “It is perfect for many image apparel applications.”

Edwards Garment offers an array of garments in pastel hues, including sweaters, poplins and polos that come in colors such as mist green, prairie green, peacock and sapphire. “These shades are popular in workwear presently because you see them at retail,” says Lloyd. “Retailer displays are filled with various shades of pastel tops complemented by dark casual or dress pants. This light/dark contrast really catches your eye.” Pairing pastels with a dark, bold color creates a look that is fitting for any season. This versatility makes pastels ideal for employee uniforms, especially in a business-casual work environment. 

Meanwhile, Trimark Sportswear is utilizing pastels in a slightly different way. The supplier includes soft hues in the lining, piping and decoration of garments to offset bolder colors. “We’re maximizing on the pastel trend this way,” says Jackie Whitman, VP of merchandising for Trimark. “For instance, we offer a fashion-forward soft shell jacket with a pale pastel fleece lining.”

Lloyd believes that the best market segments for this color palette are the hospitality industry, banks and office services. Even theme parks and museums can prove to be ideal clients to target while trying to sell pastel uniform apparel. The light colors will keep employees cool while working outdoors and can be paired with khakis or dark pants for a stylish and professional-looking uniform. Whitman suggests pairing pastels with bold colors for more brand visibility. “The beauty of trends is where there’s one trend, like pastel, there’s another trend, like deep, infused colors,” she says. “If you have a softer, more discreet decoration, you can put it on something a little bolder for more pop and vice versa. It’s a great way to utilize those color trends.”


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