Why Content Isn’t King!

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By , Published June 17, 2013

If “Content is King” then Marketing and Advertising is dead. Consumers may be suffering from advertising saturation on our TV’s, Radio, the internet, newspapers and social media sites but I truly believe that good Marketing can make Advertising & Marketing relevant and appealing.

Research Findings

I base my opinion on facts learned from researching small business owners on the subject of their Marketing and social media usage for business purposes. The majority of small business owners don’t know what Content Marketing is and therefore don’t apply the concepts and practices. Research findings from small business owners highlighted that posting mainly sales-related content to the correct target market that have shown an interest in a particular company/products/services resulted in increased sales and enquiries for those companies.

Now not all companies will experience success by posting mainly sales related content as the research findings determined that B2C and product-based companies experienced the most success. However the importance of segmentation and accurate targeting must not be ignored or undervalued. If you know who your customers are, where they are, what media channels they use and what interests them, then it’s possible to achieve success in your Marketing activities.

Sometimes you don’t need Content

I’ll use an example from Groupon who posted an offer for a Spa day at a luxury resort near Edinburgh to one of my female friends. The advert offered 60% off usual prices which was an excellent deal. My friend passed on the advert to all of her female friends on Facebook which resulted in 8 ladies all booking a day out at the spa. The significance of this example is that not a single piece of “Content” apart from the offer was promoted. If your offer is appealing enough and targeted to the right audience then it is possible to achieve success without believing that “Content is King”.

Content Marketing is Still Important

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Content Marketing is an important element of a company’s Marketing strategy and it is a good way to raise awareness of your brand and gain new followers, but for small businesses they need to tread carefully.  Posting industry articles, sharing content and writing a blog require sweat equity and time-starved small businesses often cannot afford to dedicate their time to content Marketing. A balance needs to be reached to ensure a mixture of quality content and sales-related material is implemented into any Marketing strategy.  Just don’t overuse and abuse the now cliché “Content is King” – that’s nonsense, the customer is King.


As marketers we should be listening to what consumers want and what form of Marketing actually works rather than what we perceive to work! A recent article entitled The Digital Gap between Consumer and Marketer by Jacey Gulden on Social Media Today highlighted the gap in perceptions of consumers and Marketers. Jacey writes about the benefits that smaller businesses have when personalizing communications with consumers, which I agree with when targeting the correct target market.

Yes Content Marketing is important and yes content should be designed to engage your audience but people are interested in companies, brands, products and services and what they have to offer. Good Marketing practices should be focused on the customer and provide them with what they want, when they want, we just need to listen.


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