Adobe Goes All-In With Subscription-Based Creative Cloud, Will Still Sell CS6 For Now But Will Stop Developing It

Are they insane?


Adobe believes its future lies in digital distribution and subscriptions – and it’s about to bet the company on this. As Adobe announced at its Max conference in Los Angeles today, it’s about to put all of its resources into developing its tools for Creative Cloud.

Adobe introduced Creative Cloud, its subscription service for getting all of its tools for designers, photographers, videographers, web developers and audio professionals, just over a year ago. Going forward, Scott Morris, the head of Adobe’s Creative cloud and creative suite team told me last week, this will be the only way to get access to its tools. The company will continue to sell CS6 for the time being, but it’s not clear for how long. The New Creative Cloud apps will be available June 17.

Most Max attendees probably expected Adobe to reveal Creative Suite 7 today. Instead, the Creative Suite name is actually going…

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