Creative (…and a little goofy) Promotional Items

Promotional Items…it’s what we do, so I’m often scouring the interwebs for new ideas. Sometimes I come across things that either puzzle me profusely OR make me laugh hysterically (or neither?). Here are a few of my picks for most creative promo items.

Creative Promo Items

Wacky Promo Items

First we have the inflatable punching bag promoting Tekken 6. Everyone is taking their part to prevent childhood obesity!

Crazy….a bath set promoting The Cleveland Show.

Next we have a bag of fake blood promoting the movie Thirst. 

And my favorite….the super cute B.O.B Cooler for Monsters vs. Aliens, which came loaded with other movie related goodies.

Last up, we have this Wii Guitar Shirt that Nintendo used to promote Guitar Hero. How cool is that?

Check out more info on these and even more crazy promos here.  Need some help coming up with creative ideas to promote your business? We’re here to help!


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